STEMshop Curriculum

STEM USA has designed an Early Childhood curriculum inspired by play and project-based learning, and best practices. Our teaching and learning tools focus on approaches that function seamlessly through our STEMshop Model of learning. The STEMshop Model for curriculum utilizes research-tested principles, the engineering design thinking process, and it incorporates cooperative learning to promote Cognitive, Motor, Social, and Emotional development. Our curriculum has been created by educational experts with decades of classroom and curriculum design experience.

We designed our curriculum to meet the needs of our partner schools through our Learning Management System where teachers and administrators can gain access to Curriculum Explorations featuring lesson plans, lesson resources, the teaching guide, and professional development. Our program helps schools create a sustainable culture of STEM teaching while also providing rich opportunities for learning communities.

Professional Development

Need help understanding a new instructional strategy? The STEMshop includes embedded teacher training videos, virtual classrooms, taped webinars, and coaching to get you started quickly.

The STEMshop Model grew out of our experience working with Chinese kindergartens. Teacher support, and improving the teachers’ experience, is at the heart of our program.

The STEMshop In Action

This summer, we spent one month piloting our curriculum in Shanghai at the prestigious Amber Montessori School. We introduced teachers to the steps they would take when using the STEMshop Model. In this video, children practice stretching and breathing during “The Activation” to wake up their brains and bodies.