Our Computer Science and programming related camps are educational, engaging and entertaining, teaching fundamental Computer Science principles, programming skills, robotics and game/app design. Through participation in camp, students will have the opportunity to create impressive projects to share with their friends and family.

Engineering with Minecraft Redstone (Ages: 7+)
Create epic contraptions with redstone in Minecraft and learn the power of “hacking” through commands. This camp is a great introduction to electrical engineering for young students.

Mobile App and Game Design (Ages: 7+)
Mobile computing is becoming more and more popular. This camp will get students ready to start building their own apps and games using MIT App Inventor – easy to learn and use software designed for novices and experts to create simple and advanced mobile apps. Children who know how to use a computer mouse can attend this camp, no pre-programming experience required.

Coding and Robotics by Dash and Dot (Ages: 6-12)
This one week camp teaches students robotics and coding using Dash and Dot – one of the most popular robots loved by young kids. After attending our camp, students will have the opportunity to register to compete in the 2017-2018 Wonder League Competition. Our 2017 team was ranked #1 in NC and put us in the top 1% across 52 countries.

Programming & Music with Ruby (Ages 7+)
This one week camp introduces students to the basics of computer science by using music and code. The camp is focused around the programming language Ruby and uses the Sonic Pi development environment to turn that code into beautiful music that is completely original. Ruby is a simple and easy beginner language that almost any child can quickly learn and excel at. By comparing computer science concepts to musical concepts students are able to quickly grasp both what it means to code and how to make music of their own.

Programming & Animation with Alice (Ages 7+)
Learn to program exciting animations & games! Using Alice’s drag and drop interface makes programming easy. Alice is an innovative way to create animations, interactive narratives, and simple games in 3D! Your student will become comfortable learning logical and computational thinking skills, by using Alice’s animation engine. No prior programming experience required!

Minecraft® Mod by Blockly (Ages: 5+)
This one week camp introduces students to the principles of computer science and coding through the medium of Minecraft Modding. Students learn variable, function, sequence, condition, loops etc. programming concepts while creating new blocks, items, armors, mini-games etc. in Minecraft.

Minecraft® Mod by JavaScript (Ages: 10+)
JavaScript is a cross-platform, object-oriented scripting language. It is a small and lightweight language. This camp teaches kids basic JavaScript concepts, syntax and common programming concepts. After one week’s learning, students can set up their own development environment, choose their favorite coding tools and write simple JavaScript functions.

Minecraft® Mod by Python (Ages: 10+)
This one week camp covers the fundamentals of Python’s syntax. Students start with learning to set up a python programming environment including their own Minecraft server, then practice by typing example code written by our Python experts and test their mod on their own server. Python is a programming language that is suitable for beginners, and is one of most popular programming languages learned by young children.

Minecraft® Mod by Java (Ages: 10+)
This camp is the best way to learn Java – the world’s most popular Object-Oriented Programming language. Students will learn basic concepts of Java, Eclipse IDE, OOP (Object-Oriented programming) and enhance their programming skills by modifying Minecraft.