Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to most questions about our school policies and procedures can be found in our Parent and Student Handbook.

What should my child bring to class?

Plan to bring the following items to track out and summer camp classes held at our main campus in Morrisville:

  • lunch, snack, drink (water is provided)
  • weather appropriate clothing for outdoor recess
  • necessary medications, properly labelled
My child has a serious allergy, can you accomodate?

We routinely work with students with serious food, medication, and insect sting allergies. Let us know up front, and we can make the necessary arrangements. If your child has an Epipen / epinephrine injector, please leave it with your child or at our front office.

Does my child need to bring any extra money?

Everything but food is covered in the tuition fee. We do have buttons available for sale for $1 each.